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GodTracker - 2016

Founder & Author Dudley Anderson

About the Author


Dudley Anderson lives and works in the UK and is originally from South Africa. He has worked as a presenter on various international Christian radio stations since 1997. Dudley currently writes a weekly e-devotional called, Godtracker, this e-devotional has been running since July 2003 and reaches thousands of people worldwide weekly. It is published online via It is now available as of Sept 2012 on 3-in-1 Walking in the Light Ministries (Int). Dudley is Pastor of Cornerstone Family Church in the East Midlands. Dudley is married to Karen and lives in the England, UK.The e-Devotional helping to keep you on-trackGodTracker is online at Follow Dudley @godtracker on Twitter.


Automatically updated each week.

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